Monthly Archives: June 2015

PyroCb in British Columbia

On 23 June around 22:45 UTC a fire started in British Columbia near 58.8 N 133.2 W. This fire produced a pyroCb around 00:00 UTC on 24 June 2015.   GOES-15 detected the smoke plume and pyroCb cloud, as well as the fire hot spot. Starting at 22:00 UTC on 23 June, the animation below shows visible (.63 […]

Multiple PyroCb in Alaska

On 22 June and 23 June 2015 there were multiple fires in Alaska that produced pyroCb. GOES-15 detected the smoke plumes and pyroCb clouds, as well as the fire hot spots. Starting at 21:00 UTC on 22 June, the animation below shows visible (.63 μm) on the left and shortwave IR (3.9 μm) on the right […]

PyroCb in Alaska

On 20 June 2015 there was a possibility that the Michigan Creek fire at 64.1º N 144.4º W  in southern Alaska produced a pyroCb; after further analysis it was determined that this fire did indeed produce a pyroCb. GOES-15 (GOES-West) detected the smoke plume and pyroCb cloud, but unfortunately it was too cloudy for the shortwave IR […]

Possibility for a PyroCb in Southern California

On 17 June 2015 the Lake Fire fire started east of San Bernardino, California (34.1º N 117.3º W). On 18 June, the large smoke plume could be seen spreading eastward on true-color images from Terra/Aqua MODIS and Suomi NPP VIIRS (above). At 15:30 UTC on 18 June it was estimated that 10,000 acres had burned […]

PyroCb in Western Alberta

On 11 June 2015 there was pyroCb in Western Alberta (53.6 N 119.4 W) from a fire that started on 08 June. The start date of the fire was found from using the Canadian Wildland Fire Information System (link provided by Rene). The first image below shows active fires on 07 June. Notice that the […]

Smoke in U.S. from fires in Canada

There have been a lot of fires within the past month in western and northwestern Canada. These fires have produced some pyroCbs that have been documented in this blog, but also these fires produce a lot of smoke. This smoke has been moving into the upper Midwest down to the East Coast from a northwest […]