Monthly Archives: June 2014

PyroCb in northern Alberta, Canada

Kudos to Mark Ruminski (NOAA/NESDIS Satellite Analysis Branch) for spotting this pyroCB event in far northern Alberta, Canada late in the day on 14 June 2014. McIDAS images of GOES-13 1-km resolution 0.63 µm visible channel (left panels) and GOES-13 4-km resolution 3.9 µm shortwave IR channel (right panels) data (above; click image to play […]

Two Bulls Fire near Bend, Oregon

On 07 June 2014, McIDAS images of 1-km resolution GOES-15 0.63 µm visible channel and 3.9 µm shortwave IR channel images (above; click image to play animation) showed that the Two Bulls Fire just west of Bend, Oregon (station identifier KBDN) began to burn an area large enough to be detected by satellite around 20:00 […]