Monthly Archives: July 2013

Hardluck Fire in northwestern Wyoming

The “Hardluck Fire” located in the Shoshone National Forest in far northwestern Wyoming (InciWeb | Wildfire Today) — which was thought to have been started by lightning on 17 July 2013 — experienced a large flare-up (growing 3350 acres, for a total of 4580 acres burned) during the afternoon hours on 26 July 2013 which […]

PyroCb Event in Northwest Territory, Canada

On 8 July 2013, a Pyrocumulonimbus (PyroCb) was detected by GOES-15 imagery in the Northwest Territory of Canada, just east of the Yukon Territory border and north of the British Columbia border. The above two images at 22:30 UTC show the PyroCb anvil in the visible wavelength, hot fire pixels in the Shortwave IR wavelength, and […]

Fires in western Quebec

Large fires had been burning in the Eastmain region of Quebec since the middle of June 2013, and on a number of days produced large amounts of smoke. One such day was 04 July 2013, when 1-km resolution GOES-13 0.63 µm visible channel images (above; click image to play animation) showed several dense plumes of […]

Carpenter 1 Fire west of Las Vegas, Nevada

The Carpenter 1 Fire (InciWeb) was started by lightning in the Spring Mountains west of Las Vegas, Nevada on 01 July 2013. Three days later, on 04 July 2013, a comparison of GOES-15 (GOES-West) 0.63 µm visible channel and 3.9 µm shortwave IR images (above; click to play animation) showed the development of a large […]