Monthly Archives: August 2013

PyroCB Event in Idaho on August 12th 2013

A brief pyrocb event was seen on GOES-15 imagery on August 12, 2013. A two-panel comparison of GOES-15 visible and shortwave IR images (above; click image to play animation) showed numerous hot spots (red enhancement on shortwave IR) at latitude/longitude of 43.8 degrees North and 114.5 degrees West. On the visible images, there was also […]

Fires in southern Idaho

A cluster of 4 major fire complexes (Pony, Elk, McCan, and Beaver Creek) east of Boise in southern Idaho began to exhibit extreme fire behavior on during the afternoon and evening hours on 10 August 2013. A comparison of GOES-15 (GOES-West) and GOES-13 (GOES-East) 1-km resolution 0.63 µm visible channel and 4-km resolution 3.9 µm […]