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Miner Paradise Complex PyroCB in Montana

A PyroCB event occurred in Montana on August 19, 2013, as seen with GOES-14 imagery. A two-panel comparison (above; click image to play animation) shows the visible imagery (top panel) as well as the shortwave infrared imagery (bottom panel). Hot spots are already apparent in Wyoming, and around 20:45 UTC, a hot spot flares up […]

PyroCB Event in Idaho on August 12th 2013

A brief pyrocb event was seen on GOES-15 imagery on August 12, 2013. A two-panel comparison of GOES-15 visible and shortwave IR images (above; click image to play animation) showed numerous hot spots (red enhancement on shortwave IR) at latitude/longitude of 43.8 degrees North and 114.5 degrees West. On the visible images, there was also […]