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PyroCb in Argentina

A large cluster of fires burning in central Argentina became hot enough to generate a brief pyrocumulonimbus (pyroCb) cloud on 29 January 2018; according to media reports, on that day there were winds of 55 km/hour (34 mph) and temperatures of 37 ºC (98.6 ºF) in the vicinity of these La Pampa province fires. GOES-16 […]

PyroCbs in British Columbia

Early on 12 August 2017 two pyroCbs formed in British Columbia, Canada. GOES-15 detected the smoke plume and pyroCb cloud, as well as the fire hot spots. The first pyroCb cloud (near 51.8º N, 123.2ºW) developed around 03:30 UTC . The second formed about 1.5 hours later, at 05:00 UTC (near 53.1º N,  121ºE). Starting at […]

PyroCb in Australia

On 04 December 2016 a pyroCb developed to the west of Toowoomba in Queensland, Australia. A Suomi NPP VIIRS true-color image around 04:16 UTC (above) showed the early stage of the smoke plume in the Cecil Plains area, about 2 hours prior to the pyroCb formation. Himawari-8 monitored the temporal evolution of the smoke plumes and […]

PyroCb in Russia

On 19 September 2016 a pyroCb formed northwest of Lake Baikal in eastern Russia. Himawari-8 detected the smoke plumes and pyroCb cloud, as well as the fire hot spots. The pyroCb cloud (~57.4º N, 105.3ºE) formed around 8:20 UTC . Starting at 7:30 UTC on 19 September, the animation below (also available as an MP4) shows Himawari-8 […]