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Impressive Fires in Western Australia

On 17 November there was a possibility for more pyroconvection. According to ABC News four people have died from the fire activity in region. Furthermore Rick McRae has reported that 80% of the main fire was in the wheatbelt area. This area has been known the produce pyroCbs. Furthermore, weather conditions were astounding with winds […]

PyroCu in Western Australia

On 14 November there was a pyroCu in Western Australia at 34.6 S 116.7 E. Himawari-8 detected the smoke plume and clouds around the fires, as well as the fire hot spots. Starting at 01:00 UTC on 14 November, the animation below shows visible (.64 μm) on the left and shortwave IR (3.9 μm) on […]

Large bushfires in southeastern Australia

An extended period of hot, dry weather led to the development of multiple large bushfires across parts of southeastern Australia, some of which began to produce pyrocumulonimbus (pyroCb) clouds during the 15-16 January 2014 period. McIDAS images of MTSAT-2 0.68 µm visible channel and 3.75 µm shortwave IR channel data (above; click image to play […]

Bush fires in the Sydney, Australia region

Update 10/21/13: While there’s still no clear indication of pyroconvection from the MTSAT imagery, the Sydney fires have continued to burn over the weekend, belching large quantities of smoke over the western Pacific. The MTSAT-2 visible and shortwave infrared loop (below; click image to play animation) contains hourly images from 00:32UTC on Oct. 17 to 16:32UTC on […]